The castle's four lives...

Glamorgan Castle was originally built as a private residence for Col. William Henry Morgan in 1904. It cost $400,000 to build and remained in the Morgan family until 1938.

While the United States was deep in the throes of the Great Depression, the widowed Mrs. Morgan sold the castle to the Elks organization for $25,000. They used it as their lodge until 1964.

Merrick Lewis purchased Glamorgan Castle for $51,000 to use as the corporate headquarters for Alliance Machine. During this time, there were extensive renovations to the building; for example, a wine cellar was added.

In 1973, Glamorgan Castle was sold to Alliance City Schools. This was made possible through a federal grant and through generosity on the part of Merrick Lewis. The school district built a new high school on a portion of the grounds directly behind the castle. They continue to use Glamorgan Castle as administrative offices today.