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The Alliance Board of Education has permitted the Castle Crusaders to oversee weddings as a fundraiser for restoration.

The charge is $1200. 100% is a donation and goes towards restoration. The fee includes 2 hours of rehearsal and decorating, and 4 hours for the set up, wedding and clean up. There may be no food or drink, only bottled water for the wedding party. The guests are limited to 60 not including the wedding party.
A contract must be signed. Only one wedding per month is permitted.

We appreciate our volunteers!

We are the Castle Crusaders, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting the Board of Education in maintaining the historical integrity of Glamorgan Castle. We give tours, we raise funds, we research, we run programs, we help to complete renovations in the building. And, we need people! Would you like to be a Castle Crusader too? Please print and mail our membership form! (Please cross out the year on the form and write 2018 instead.) You can mail the membership form to:

Glamorgan Castle Crusaders
P.O. Box 3103
Alliance, OH 44601

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